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For almost a hundred years, Mathrubhumi has been swaying the lives of Malayalees world over. With the printed word, that is. In a bit more than five years, Mathrubhumi News channel wields the same kind of influence. Honestly, honesty pays off. And, that’s what we bring to the table with Mathrubhumi Media School as well.

Journalism, like everything else, has been evolving. Nevertheless, the basics remain the same: the respect for truth, the hunger to uncover, discover, and inform, and the grit to tell stories that matter.

At Mathrubhumi Media School, we will adhere to the basics yet expose the new-generation of journalists to the rigours of the ever-changing world of media. In a world besieged by information and misinformation, we will prepare you to find facts, and present them with integrity and confidence.

We’ll prepare you for the world, not just a living.

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News Reading Screen Tests @ Mathrubhumi News TV

Posted on 11th Jun 2019 15:17:57

News Reading Screen Tests @ Mathrubhumi News TV

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Loka Cinema Jalakam 2018 - Mathrubhumi Media School

Posted on 8th Apr 2019 18:33:20

A glimpse into the International Film Festival of Kerala 2018 by students of Mathrubhumi Media School.

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